Functional Grammar and Spoken and Written Communication in English
Bikram K. Das
140 x 216 mm
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Functional Grammar and Spoken and Written Communication in English is specially designed for use as a textbook in the first year of the undergraduate degree programmes offered by the University of Kerala. The book’s content has been developed according to the prescribed syllabus, and the topics for study as well as the exercises have been chosen with the aim of helping students prepare to take the examination at the end of the course. The larger objective of the book, however, is to equip undergraduate students with a comprehensive understanding of the important aspects of English, which will allow them to communicate effectively in the language. The book has five chapters dealing with grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension and vocabulary, written communication and spoken communication. Besides offering learners clear explanations and guidance on major topics in their respective areas, the chapters in the book offer additional support in the form of examples of sounds and grammatical structures as well as samples of the use of English to communicate in common situations and to perform important language functions. The book also includes a large number of exercises that will enable valuable language practice.

There are three appendices in the book. The first of these is a list of errors commonly made together with their corrections. This can be used for quick reference as well as for practice in correct usage. The second appendix is an introduction to soft skills, which in combination with good communication skills, are of great relevance in the present world. The third appendix in the book is a key to its grammar and pronunciation exercises, which will allow students to check their work and to correct themselves.

The author, Dr Bikram K. Das, is an expert on ELT and has had long years of experience in the field. He has been professor and head of the Department of Methods at the CIEFL, Hyderabad, and has also been with RELC and NIE in Singapore as well as with ELTI in Bhubaneswar. Dr Das has worked on many of our projects that include the OLERs and the WordMaster.
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