Indigeneity: Culture & Representation
G.N. Devy, Geoffrey V. Davis and K.K. Chakravarty (Eds.)
158 x 240 mm
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The papers in this volume were presented at the 2008 Chotro Conference on Indigeneous Languages, Culture and Society, Jan 2008, Delhi. It forms Vol.I of a 2-volume collection. The papers in this collection analyse the history and contemporary situation of indigenous peoples from different parts of the world. The focus is on language and literary and cultural expression. The authors examine issues ranging from the loss of languages and literary/cultural traditions, representation of indigenous peoples by `mainstream’ society, deprivations faced by them – natural resources, education and civic facilities, and their history of colonization (including by the modern nation-state). But the papers also examine the creativity, knowledge systems and rich cultural traditions of indigenous peoples.

G.N. Devy was Professor of English at MS University, Baroda. He is the founder of Bhasha Research & Publication Centre and the Adivasi Academy. He is the author of 4 of our books. Geoffrey Davis teaches Anglophone post-colonial literature at the universities of Aachen & Duisberg-Essen(Germany). K.K. Chakravarty is Secretary, Indira Gandhi, National Centre for the Arts.
G. N. Devy

Culture and Expression

1. Listening to the Pterodactyl
Shiv Visvanathan

2. Friends, Indigenes and Others: A German Interjection
Gerhard Stilz

3. Popular Culture and Political Violence: The Postcolonial State in Malawi: 1964–1994
Reuben Makayiko Chirambo

4. People-centric Histories of Indigenous Literature: Thoughts on Theory and Praxis
Nilanjana Deb

5. Crystallizing Protest into Movement: Adivasi Community in History, Society and Literature
Vibha S. Chauhan

6. Myths of the Bondas
Anand Mahanand

7. Contemporary Indigenous Literatures in Canada: Healing from Historical Trauma
Jo-Ann Episkenew

8. Classical, Modern and Transnational Nahuatl Literatures
Gabriel S. Estrada

9. Narrations of HerStories
Michaela Moura-Koçoðlu

10. Will They Survive the Margins? Endangered Languages and Oral Traditions in Kenya
Mumia Geoffrey Osaaji

11. Udje Dance Songs of Nigeria’s Urhobo People
Tanure Ojaide

12. Writing about Lives on the Edge: The Naga Imbroglio
K. B. Veio Pou

13. Wedded to Life: The Paliyans of Kerala
P. J. George

14. The Weaving of Bodo Women’s Identity in their Traditional Folk Songs
Esther Sukriti Narjinari

15. The Biblical Language Dilemma: The Competing Interests of English vs. Lubusuku
Maloba Wekesa

16. Women’s Songs: Oral Cultural Expressions among the Zulu People
Nompumelelo Zondi

Representation and Interpretation

17. Adivasi Literature: An Emerging Consciousness
Ramnika Gupta

18. Indigeneity, Visuality and Postcolonial Theory: The Case of the San
Brendon Nicholls

19. Steve Chimombo’s Epic of the Forest Creatures
Pia Thielmann

20. Bessie Head Interpreting the Batswana
Anne Fuchs

21. “Come Sing the Uhuru Blues”: The Indigenous in the Work of Matsemela Manaka
Geoffrey V. Davis

22. “Nothing will Remain of this World”: Continuity and Creativity in Mohammed Hassan’s Twarab Poetry
Aïsha Schmitt

23. The Loss of a Spirit: Metaphor and Practice in Aymara Decolonization
Anders Burman

24. Making Memory, Making Poetry: Mind and Imagination in Contemporary Indigenous Australian Literature
Estelle Castro

25. Signs and Silences vs. Objective Inquiry: Bicultural Meaning in Journey to the Stone Country
Norbert H. Platz

26. Conflicting Mythologies and Identity Building: Tomson Highway’s Kiss of the Fur Queen
Cécile Fouache

27. Ethnic Life Writing: The Work of Beatrice Culleton Mosioniers and Yvonne Johnson
Cecile Sandten

28. National Catholicism and Cultural Annihilation: Children’s Literature in Franco’s Spain
Isabel Alonso and Marta Ortega

29. Articulating Self: Orality, Community and Colonialism in South India
Bhangya Bhukya

30. Interculturality of Tradition and Modernity: Towards Understanding the Tribal Ethos
Lachman M. Khubchandani

31. Indigenous Languages and Higher Education in South Africa.
Sandiso Ngcobo

32. Garma and Beyond: Indigenous Cultural Festivals for Decolonization
Peter Phipps

33. Imagining an Adivasi Cinema
Rashmi Sawhney

34. Translating Museums
Alice Tilche
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