Adhunik Sahitya mein Dalit Vimarsh
Devendra Chaube
140 x 216 mm
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The book is a study of Dalit writings in modern literature. It has a collection of 18 articles divided into three thematic groups:

  1. Concept,
  2. History, and
  3. Literature Dalit studies have come in a big way in recent years in Higher Academics.

Also, it is fast becoming a part of University curriculum all over the country. Not only scholars, but students are also searching for books that deal with this subject. This book on this subject fulfills the demand of the market and makes us one of the leading publishers of Dalit studies in Hindi. Dalit Studies is an important paper included in the undergraduate syllabus of Hindi. There is no textbook available to students. Our book will fulfill this need to some extent.

Dr Devendra Chaube is Associate Professor of Hindi, School of Indian Languages in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is one of the non-dalit scholars who is an important invitee in most of Dalit seminars and discourses held so far in India and also abroad. He is deeply interested in the history, literature and culture of this community of maginalised society. His published works include : Samkaleen Kahani ka Samajshastra; Sahitya ka Naya Saundryashastra : Chintan ki parampara aur Dalit Sahitya. He was awarded national fellowship for literary criticism ‘Dalit Paath ka Arth’ by Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
1.Adhunik Samaj mein Sahitya aur uske vastavik paathak / 2.Adhunik Sahitya mein vichaaratmak sangharsh aur hashiye ka samaj/ 3.Sweekrit Paramparayen aur dalit asmitaon ka pratirodh/ 4.naye sangharsh ka charitra/ 5.Sahitya mein uttar-aadhunik dalit-vimarsh/ 6. Dalit Sahitya ki Vaicharik sanrachna/ 7.Dalit Paath—kuch Sawaal/ 8.Dalit Sahitya:ek Uttar-aadhunik Vichaar –Vimarsh/ 9 Sahitya mein utkrishtata aur pavitrata ka Sawaal/ 10Katha-aatmakatha ka ashiaii sandharbh/ 11Sahitya mein yatharth ki upasthiti aur dalit kahani ka yatharth-I/ 12 Sahitya mein yatharth ki upasthiti aur dalit kahani ka yatharth—II/ 13 Gyan, sansthan aur dalit jeevan/ 14 Dalit kahani ki zameen/ 15 hashiye ki avdhaarna, dalit Sahitya aur kahani ki duniya/ 16 Dalit mazdoor, hindi kahani aur aaj ka samaaj/ 17Hindi mein upanyaas lekhan ki parampara aur dalit upanyaas ka yatharth/ 18 Dalit kavita ka samajshastra/ 19 AAlochana ka aarth aur hindi ki dalit aalochna/ 20 Hindi Patrakarita mein dalit-vimarsh aur babasaheb ambedkar/ 21kya dalit Sahitya hindi ka naya path hai?/ Parishisht –I-Aadhunik Sahitya mein dalit-vimarsh ka itihas/II Sandarbh-suchi
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