Samkaleen Bharat : Ek Parichay (Hindi)
Dr Manoj Sinha
140 x 216 mm
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This is an undergraduate textbook on Contemporary India paper of University of Delhi. This is one of the papers of Foundation course of BA Program of University of Delhi. This book is a contributory volume written as per the syllabus by the faculty members of various DU colleges.

This book attempt to familiarise students with main political, economic and social developments that have taken place in India since Independence. This book will help students to develop a perspective on the functioning of Democracy, emerging trends in the economy in the context of globalisation and the dynamics of the Indian society. This book will also cater to any other university where contemporary India courses are taught. This book will be equally useful for the syllabus of UPSC and allied civil services.

Dr. Manoj Sinha, the volume editor, is Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Ramlal Anand College, South Campus, University of Delhi. The contributors are teaching faculty from various colleges affiliated to University of Delhi teaching this paper. The contributors are from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Rajdhani College, Lakshmibai College, Satyawati College, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, ARSD College, PGDAV College, Shyamlal College, Zakir Hussain College, Gargi College, and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College.
  1. Nav Swatantra Bharat: Arthik Paripekshya (New Independent India: Economic aspect)
  2. Swatatnra Bharat mein Vikas ki Ranneeti (Economic policy since independence)
  3. Pramukh Arthik Samasyaine aur Neetiyan( Major Economic Problems and Policies)
  4. Vartman Arthik Neeti v Arthik Sudhar (Present economic policy and economic reforms)
  5. Samajik Kshetra ki Prakriti ( Nature of Social Sector)
  6. Bharat ke Vikas mein Vijyan evm Prodyogiki Neeti ( Science and Technology policies in India’s Development)
  7. Badalti Samijik Sanrachana: grameen Bharat (Changing social sector- Rural India)
  8. Badalti Samijik Sanrachana: Shahari jeevan mein parivartan  (Changing social sector- Urban India)
  9. Samajik Parivartan ke utrerak ( Catalysts of social Change)
  10. Samajik gatisheelta evm Vyavsayik Sanrachana (Occupational structure and social mobility)
  11. Nai Samajik Shaktiyon ka Udabhav ( Rise of New Social Forces)
  12. Bharat mein Jantanra: Prakriti aur Karya (Democracy In India: Nature and Functioning)
  13. Bharat mein Daliya Vyastha (Party System in India)
  14. Bharat mein Dharmnirpekshta evm Sampradayikta evm alpshankhyak Adhikar ( Secularism,communalism and minority Rights)
  15. Bharatia Sanghvad evm Sathaniya Shasan (Indian fredralism and local governance)
  16. Bharat mein lokprashasan ki badalti prakriti (Changing Nature of Public Administration in India)
  17. Badalte vaishavik Samrik Pripekshya mein Bharat (India in changing Global Strategic environment)
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