Dual Identity: Indian Diaspora and Other Essays
K. L. Sharma and Renuka Singh (Eds.)
140 x 216 mm
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‘Diaspora’ (from the Greek, meaning ‘scattering’, ‘dispersion’) is the mass migration of people with common roots to more than one location. The word was first used for Jews exiled from Israel in ancient times. The Indian diaspora, of over twenty million, is spread across many regions and continents. This collection of essays examines the concept of diaspora, considering its cultural, economic, geographical, political and social dimensions, and focuses on the Indian diaspora. It also examines issues of displacement and resettlement, and of the creation of a distinctly socio-religious Indian community. This volume reflects on conceptual and methodological questions, as well as the historical contours of the issue. Readers will find analyses of the nature of migration, ethnic divides and tensions, and linkages with the homeland. Case studies of the Indian diaspora in Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Fiji, as well as the diaspora of Dalits, provide insights regarding multiculturalism. Discussions on how ‘place’ is being substituted by ‘space’ and how globalisation gives a new direction to migration are among the distinctive features. The essays also traverse the fields of sociology, social anthropology and cultural mediations. An invaluable resource for students of modern Indian history, politics and sociology, this book should appeal to all those interested in understanding the ramifications of the Indian diaspora. This collection will be of help to researchers enquiring into multicultural ties, and policy makers concerned with international relations.

K. L. Sharma is Vice Chancellor, Jaipur National University, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Renuka Singh is Associate Professor, Centre for the Study of Social Systems, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

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Section I: Theoretical and Methodological Imaginaries

  1. From Site to Space: The Diasporic Cultural Trajectory
    Dipankar Gupta
  2. De(re)-Territorialised Communities and the Imagined Civilisation—The Indian Diaspora
    N. Jayaram
  3. Globalisation and Cultural Dynamics in a Multi-ethnic State: Australian Multiculturalism from an International Perspective
    J. J. Smolicz
  4. Towards Comparing South Asian Diasporic Phenomena
    Steve Vertovec
  5. Doubting and Intimacy: Ethnography and the Discommoding of the Obvious
    Michael Herzfeld

Section II Diasporic Realities and Mediations

  1. Identity in Diaspora: Cultural Trajectory of a Twice-Displaced Community
    Manas Ray
  2. The Tamil Diaspora, Ethnicisation and State in Contemporary Sri Lanka
    K. L. Sharma
  3. Emigration of South African Indians to Industrialised Countries
    Anand Singh
  4. The New Dalit Diaspora: A Sociological Analysis
    Vivek Kumar
  5. Indian Diaspora and Creativity
    Renuka Singh

Section III Other Essays

  1. Mitigating Disruptive Impacts of Mining Operations: The CIL Income Restoration
    Programme for the Affected People
    Hari Mohan Mathur
  2. Religion and Social Organisation among the Jains
    Prakash C. Jain


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