English in the Dalit Context
Alladi Uma, K. Suneetha Rani and D. Murali Manohar (Eds)
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Language does not confine itself to communication alone. It gets closely connected with politics, be it cultural, identity, or international politics. This becomes all the more true in the case of languages that were imported and imposed by colonial powers, and admired and followed by the colonised as the rulers’ language.

 In India, English has always been an issue of political discourse, be it in pre-independent, postcolonial or globalised India. For the privileged class, English is either a language of achievement or one choice among many other languages. However, for disadvantaged and marginalised Dalits, mastering English promises liberation.

 English in the Dalit Context is set against this backdrop of the politics surrounding English in India. The volume, a collection of 15 essays, brings to the fore a multiplicity of views expressed by Dalit intellectuals and activists on ‘English’ in all its different senses. It also includes essays by non-Dalit scholars who have been long involved with questions of colonial modernity and of the English language in the Dalit context.

 The essays deal with issues of English pedagogy, such as English as one of the languages or subjects, English as medium of instruction, entry of Dalit literature into English departments in colleges and universities, and the politics of the English language as a stepping-stone to success in an increasingly globalised world, where market culture promises unlimited opportunities.

 This important and essential reading will be invaluable for students and scholars of English and caste and Dalit Studies.

Alladi Uma was Professor, Department of English, University of Hyderabad

K. Suneetha Rani is Professor and Head, Centre for Women's Studies, University of Hyderabad.

D. Murali Manohar is Head and Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Hyderabad. 



1. English in the Context of Dalits in Tamil Nadu 
Sabur Ali

2. Dalit Experience Re-cast(e): Some Reflections on the Translation of Dalit Literature from the Regional Languages into English
Tapan Basu

3. Dalits’ Rendezvous with English: An Exodus from Bondage
Thummapudi Bharathi

4. Struggles over the Sign: Discourses on English 
Rajendra Chenni

5. Englishing Dalits: Problems and Perspectives 
M. Dasan

6. English and Dalits: Questions of Subjectivity in Kerala 
Sunny M. Kapikkad

7. Literature, Language and Pedagogy: A Reading of Oriya Dalit Literature
Raj Kumar
8. Mother Tongue vs. English Medium of Instruction for Dalits: A Survey
Suresh Kurapati

9. Understanding the Dalits’ Perspective on English Language Education
C. Lakshmanan

10. English in Deprived Contexts: A Case of Dalit Learners 
Anand Mahanand

11. Global vs Local: Problematising the Cultural Politics of English
Maya Pandit

12. On Worshipping English, the Dalit Goddess: Manu Missionary, Macaulay and the Market
Vellikkeel Raghavan

13. Colonial Modernity, Indian Literary History, and Modern Dalit Literatures
K. Satyanarayana

14. Caste and Language: The Debate on English in India
V. B. Tharakeshwar
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