Bharat Mein Saamajik Parivartan Evm Vikas (Hindi)
Ram Ganesh Yadav
140 x 216 mm
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1] Bharat mein Samajik Parivatan evm Vikas is a prescribed undergraduate textbook for the ‘Social Change and Development in India’ paper [Bharat mein Samajik parivatan aur Vikas paper] of Lucknow University. This is aimed at the second paper of sociology BA 2nd year of this University. 

2] The chapters have been contributed by the faculty members of Sociology and Anthropology of various affiliated colleges of Lucknow University and  Gorakhpur University.

3] This book discusses the major concepts related to social change and development, such as theories of development by Rostow and Learner, Andre Gunder Frank and Samir Amin. This book also analyzes the human development, social development, sustainable development, and also the issues related to development.  Under the issues related to development the book discusses development and marginalization, development and displacement, culture and development. In the book, also covered are the processes of social change which includes sanskritization, modernization, secularization, westernization, urbanization and globalization. The issues of inequalities of caste and gender have also been discussed and analyzed in good details. 

4]Package: Bharat mein Samajik Privartan evm Vikas can be package with the following OBS titles:
  1. Samajshastra Parichay
  2. Samajshastriya Chintan ke Aadhar
  3. Bharatiya Samaj
  4. Bharatiya Samajshastra ke Agrani Chintak
Dr Ram Ganesh Yadav is Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology, Lucknow University. He has experience of teaching this subject more than 25 years. 
The contributors to this volume are teaching faculties of Sociology in various colleges affiliated to Lucknow University.
  1. Sanrachna mein parivartan evm sanrachna ka saamajik parivartan  [Change in structure and social change of structure]
  2. Manav vikas [Human development]
  3. Saamajik vikas [Social development]
  4. Dhaaraniya vikas [ Sustainable development]
  5. Vikas ke siddhant: Rostow v Learner [Theories of Development: Rostow and Learner]
  6. Kendra-paridhi: Andre Gunder Frank [ Centre-periphery : Andre Gunder Frank]
  7. Samir Amin ka siddhant : nirbharta-asmaan vikas [Theory of Samir Amin : dependency-uneven development]
  8. Sanskritikaran [ Sanskritization]
  9. Dharmnirpekshikaran [ Secularization]
  10. Paschamikaran [Westernization]
  11. Nagrikaran [ Urbanization]
  12. Aadhunikikaran [Modernization]
  13. Bhumandlikaran [Globalization]
  14. Vishamata ki samasyaa [Problems of inequality]
  15. Laingik a-samaanata [ Gender inequalities]
  16. Jati a-samaanata [inequalities of caste]
  17. Vikas evm seemantikaran [Development and marginalization]
  18. Soochna kranti evm saamajik parivartan [Information revolution and social change]
  19. Vikas evm visthaapan [Development and displacement]
  20. Saamajik sanrachna [Social structure]
  21. Sanskriti evm vikas [Culture and development]

Sandarbh granth soochi  [Bibliography]

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