New Landscapes 3 (Primary Geography for class 3)
Nazirah Gangjee and Baruna Ray Chowdhury
216 x 280 mm
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New Landscapes is a series of three books for students of geography at the primary level. It follows the latest guidelines laid down by the Inter State Board of Anglo-Indian Education.
The students are introduced to the fascinating world of geography through these books. The lucid presentation of concepts, and the use of colourful and relevant pictures and maps, makes this journey of discovery truly exciting.
The books aim to create an abiding interest in geography within each child and to build a sound foundation in the subject.

The main features of this series include:

  • Lesson objectives state what the student is expected to know and do by the end of the chapter; they also serve as a yardstick for the teachers to assess progress.
  • Get Active has activities embedded within each chapter that help to reinforce the concepts taught. 
  • Titbits are bits of extra information that help to give the students a broader understanding of the topic being studied.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills has questions that encourage the students to think out of the box and to apply what has been taught, to real life situations. 
  • Still Curious gives links to Internet sites the students could visit for more information on a particular topic.

  • Heritage corner has interesting bits of information about India‚Äôs rich past that will make the students aware and proud of their heritage.
  • Active Fun has fun activities for the students that help them learn even while they play. 
  • Abundant maps in the books help students develop a spatial perspective of the topic under study.

  • Colourful illustrations and photographs enhance the learning experience

  • Do and Rub maps

Nazirah Gangjee

After completing school in Mauritius, Nazirah Gangjee joined Loreto College in Kolkata and graduated in Geography with Honours in 1970. She earned her B.Ed degree from the University of Calcutta.
She has taught in La Martiniere for Girls for over three decades in various capacities. She was Headmistress of the Primary Department for twenty years. Her method of teaching the subject is unique, involving activities and the use of innovative aids which she made herself.
Nazirah Gangjee has conducted numerous Teacher Training Workshops at the Teacher Centre in Loreto House and the Department of Geography, Loreto College.
After retirement, she joined Abul Hasan School as Principal.

Baruna Ray Chowdhury

Baruna Ray Chowdhury graduated from Loreto College with Honours in Geography, earned her M.Sc degree from the University of Calcutta and B.Ed degree from Loreto College. She joined La Martiniere for Girls in 1995. She teaches Geography at the secondary and plus-two level. She was the Head of the Department of Geography.
She has also conducted workshops under the aegis of the Department of Geography, Loreto College.
Baruna is a member of the Institute of Climbers and Nature Lovers, which is involved in the conservation of the Sunderbans.

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