Pharmacology: Basics and Clinical Aspects
Mrinal Kaushik
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This book presents the fascinating but complex subject of Pharmacology in a concise and clinically relevant manner. It discusses Pharmacology from a perspective that can be readily identified by students in the context of actual clinical situations. Unlike most books, which tend to test the student's memory skills, the emphasis here is on a logic-based understanding of pharmacology. This would enable students to easily comprehend and, more importantly, to retain the information presented.

In this book, the different types of drugs, their mechanisms of action, rationale for drug interactions and side effects have been discussed in detail. In keeping with the highly dynamic nature of the subject and the vast clinical research underway, the latest and most widely accepted views are provided at every juncture.

Mrinal Kaushik is a Senior Medical Officer (SMO) in the Central Health Service (CHS), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, posted at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (Dr RMLH), New Delhi
Section 1: General Pharmacology
  1. Routes of Drug Administration
  2. Drug Absorption and Distribution
  3. Drug Metabolism and Excretion
  4. Pharmacodynamics

  5. Section 2: Drugs Acting on the Cardiovascular System
  6. Antihypertensive Drugs
  7. Antiarrhythmic Drugs

  8. Section 3: Drugs Acting on the Central Nervous System
  9. Anaesthesia and Anaesthetic Agents
  10. Antiepilepsy Drugs
  11. Drug Therapy of Alzheimer''s Disease
  12. Drug Therapy of Parkinson''s Disease
  13. Antidepressant Drugs
  14. Neuroleptics
  15. Drug Therapy of Migraine

  16. Section 4: Drugs Acting on the Renal System
  17. Diuretic Agents

  18. Section 5: Antimicrobial Drugs
  19. Antibacterial drugs
  20. Antifungal Drugs
  21. Antitubercular Drugs
  22. Antimalarial Drugs
  23. Antiretroviral Drugs
  24. Anti viral Drugs
  25. Anthelmintic Drugs

  26. Section 6: Drugs Acting on the Gastrointestinal System
  27. Drug Therapy of Acid Peptic Disorders
  28. Antiemetic Drugs
  29. Drug-induced Hepatotoxicity

  30. Section 7: Drugs Acting on the Respiratory System
  31. Drug Therapy of Bronchial Asthma

  32. Section 8: Anticancer Drugs
  33. Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs

  34. Section 9: Drugs Acting on the Metabolic and Endocrine Systems
  35. Antidiabetic Drugs
  36. Antiobesity Drugs
  37. Drug Therapy of Hyperlipoproteinemias

  38. Section 10: Neurotransmitters and Drugs Effective in Neurotransmission Defects
  39. Noradrenergic and Adrenergic system
  40. Dopaminergic System
  41. Serotonergic System
  42. Cholinergic System

  43. Section 11: Inflammation and Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  44. Prostaglandins
  45. Corticosteroids
  46. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

  47. Section 12: Effect of Concomitant Use of Multiple Drugs
  48. Drug Interactions
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