Transportation Engineering, Volume II:Railways, Airports, Docks and Harbours, Bridges and Tunnels
C Venkatramaiah
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Transportation Engineering, Volume IIdeals at length, in five distinct parts, with the engineering aspects of Railways, Airports, Docks and Harbours and Bridges and Tunnels that form part of the undergraduate curriculum in Transportation Engineering and caters to the needs of civil engineering courses offered by technical universities across India. While the first three parts, along with Volume I, elaborate on the primary modes of transportation, the fourth and fifth parts are essential links to these modes. The book cites and specifies the latest IRS, IRC and IS codes, including the special publications, in its discussion of current engineering practices and testing specifications used in India while guiding the student through all the prescribed topics with clarity and academic rigour. With several fully solved problems and chapter-end exercises for practice, the book focuses on enabling the student to perform well in examinations, while also going into the details to drive home core concepts.

C Venkatramaiah has over four decades of teaching experience in a wide variety of subjects in civil engineering. He retired as professor of civil engineering from S V University College of Engineering, Tirupati. He obtained his BE degree from Andhra University, MSc (Engineering) from Madras University, and PhD from IIT Madras. He has authored books in the areas of geotechnical engineering, surveying, engineering mechanics and structural analysis.

Part I: Railway Engineering

  1. Introduction and Historical Aspects
  2. Railway Planning, Alignment and Surveys
  3. Railway Track and its Components
  4. Geometric Design of Railway Track
  5. Points and Crossings
  6. Stations and Yards – Layout and Equipment
  7. Signalling, Interlocking, and Train Control
  8. Track Construction and Maintenance
  9. Modernisation of Railways and Urban Railway Systems

Part II: Airport Engineering

  1. General Considerations and Airport Planning
  2. Airport Layout, Geometrics and Design
  3. Design and Maintenance of Airport Pavements
  4. Airport Drainage
  5. Visual Aids and Air-traffic Control
  6. Heliports

Part III: Dock and Harbour Engineering

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning and Layout of Harbours and Ports
  3. Natural Phenomena Affecting Harbour Design
  4. Facilities for Ports and Harbours
  5. Docks and Repair Facilities
  6. Maintenance and Dredging of Harbours

Part IV: Bridge Engineering

  1. General Considerations and Classification
  2. Design Aspects of Bridges
  3. Construction of Foundations and Substructures
  4. Construction of Superstructures
  5. Maintenance, Testing and Strengthening of Bridges

Part V: Tunnel Engineering

  1. General Considerations in Tunnelling
  2. Alignment and Surveying of Tunnels
  3. Tunnelling in Rock
  4. Tunnelling in Soft Soil
  5. Ventilation, Lighting and Drainage of Tunnels
  6. Operation and Maintenance of Tunnels


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