Karnataka ki Bhashayen, Volume 14, Part 1 - Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan (Hindi) (BBLS)
G. N. Devy (Chief Editor), HM Maheshwaraiah & Rajeshwari Maheshwaraiah (Eds.), Dr V.Y. Lalitamba; Dr Nandini Gundurao; Dr Sumangla Mummigatti; Dr Bharati Hiremath (Translators)
180 x 240 mm
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The People’s Linguistic Survey of India provides an overview of the extant and dying languages of India, as perceived by their speakers. It is the culmination of a nation-wide survey of languages, documented by linguists, writers, social activists and, most importantly, members of different speech communities. The work chronicles the evolution of these languages until 2011, and incorporates their socio-political and cultural dimensions. Critically, it encapsulates the world view of the speakers of the languages.

The PLSI volume Karnataka Ki Bhashayen offers a detailed discussion about the languages spoken in the culturally and linguistically rich state of Karnataka. The volume examines grammatical features and also the numbers of speakers of each language, with data taken from field work. Kannada,  a Dravidian language, is spoken by a large majority of the population and is the official language of the state; it is covered in detail. This volume covers the following 18 languages: 1. Kannada; 2. Konkani; 3. Irula; 4. Kodava; 5. Koraga; 6. Gauli; 7. Jenu Kuruba & Bet Kuruba; 8. Tulu;  9. Dakhni; 10. Pattegar; 11. Banjara/Gaurboli; 12. Badaga; 13. Byari; 14. Yerava; 15. Sanketi; 16. Soliga; 17. Siddhi; 18. Hakkipikki.

G. N. Devy is the chief editor of the PLSI series. He taught at the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, till 1996 before leaving to set up the Bhasha Research Centre in Baroda and the Adivasi Akademi at Tejgadh. There, he worked towards conserving and promoting the languages and culture of indigenous and nomadic communities. Apart from being awarded the Padma Shri, he has received many awards for his work in literature and language conservation.

Prof. H. M. Maheshwaraiah (1950–2021) was Professor at the Karnataka University, Dharwad and a distinguished scholar of linguistics and literature. He was Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Karnataka at Gulbarga (2015–2020), Chairman of the Dravidian Linguistic Society and General Secretary of the Folklore Society of South Indian Languages. He received several prestigious awards for his scholarly work. He wrote and edited over twenty books and two hundred research articles.

Rajeshwari Maheshwaraiah was Professor of Linguistics at the Karnataka Arts College,  Dharwad and was Principal of the College during its centenary year. She is a poet and well-known writer in Kannada.  Among her best-known works in linguistics are Bhashe-Samaaja-SanskritiAdhunika varanaatmaka bhashaavijnana and  Kannada Bhasha Swaroop. She has presented research papers  in conferences in various countries. She has received several literary awards and has been President of the Dharwad Sahitya Parishad. 

भारतीय भाषा लोक सर्वेक्षण  The People’s Linguistic Survey of India
राष्ट्रीय सम्पादक मंडल The National Editorial Collective
ग्रंथमाला List of Volumes
पाठकों से विनती An Appeal to Readers
भूमिका Foreword
मुख्य सम्पादकीय A Nation Proud of Its Language Diversity: Chief Editor’s Introduction
प्रस्तावना Introduction to the Volume
कर्नाटक में प्रयोग की जाने वाली लिपियाँ Scripts used in Karnataka
सहयोगी लेखकों की सूची Contributors to the Volume
आकारादि क्रम में भाषाओं के नाम  List of Languages Covered in this Volume

1. कन्नड़  Kannada
2.कोंकणी  Konkani
भाग II गैर-अनुसूचित भाषाएं  PART II NON-SCHEDULED LANGUAGES
3. इरुल  Irula
4. कोड़वा  Kodava
5. कोरगा  Koraga
6.गौलि  Gauli
7. जेनु कुरुबा एवं बेट कुरुबा  Jenu Kuruba & Bet Kuruba
8.तुलु  Tulu
9. दखनी  Dakhni
10.पट्टेगार  Pattegaar
11.बंजारा/गौरबोली  Banjara/Gaurboli
12.बडगा  Badaga
13.ब्यारि  Byari
14. येरव  Yerava
15.संकेती  Sanketi
16. सिद्धि  Siddhi
17. सोलिड.  Soliga
18. हक्किपिक्की  Hakkipikki
परिशिष्ट I मानचित्र  Appendix I Maps
परिशिष्ट II लेखक परिचय  Appendix II About the authors
शब्द-अनुक्रमणिका  Index

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